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What is Anusara Yoga ?

When we hear about yoga the thought which comes to our mind is something very traditional and old. But Anusara yoga is something very new and afresh. This form of yoga was brought up by John Friend, who was an American yogi in around 1997. Friend found that in yoga a person has to follow rules and format of the yoga discipline in a very rigid and same manner. So in Anusara yoga he persuaded followers to follow what their conscience or heart asks them to do.

Anusara simply means to follow one’s heart. In this form of yoga the disciple has to undergo both physical and mental exercises which benefit both the mind as well as body. Anusara yoga starts by experiencing and analysing the poses. An understanding has to be reached as to how different poses and asana affect our mind and body by increasing attentiveness to one’s heart and how one feels while doing this form of yoga. Once you have developed this, then the practise sessions can start. Before maintaining and undergoing an asana always one should perform some warm up exercises so as to make body supple and prepared for the different postures you are going to maintain. This can be done by doing some simple breathing exercises or simple stretches. A brisk walk for some distance is a very good warm up. Then is practise of the asana which should always be done under proper and individual supervision. This is so as every individual is different as so is their flexibility so not all individuals can undertake same complexity at the same time. Also easy asana have to be undertaken before undergoing complex ones. While performing different asana one should always concentrate on one’s breathing and inner self and also monitor the different parts of body being used for maintaining a particular pose.

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