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Help Your Body with Yoga Equipment

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Yoga is a great activity for relaxation, flexibility and body strengthening. However, in order to enjoy benefits from yoga practice, some trainees especially beginners need to use proper yoga equipment.

The famous yoga teacher B. K. S. Iyengar was the first who applied co-called “props” or yoga equipment such as mats, blocks, straps and others in yoga practice to help beginners in doing yoga exercises more easily and correctly. Yoga equipment also allows ill or weaken participants to perform many practices in full with less muscle force.

Yoga equipment also is used to regulate the level of tension while doing yoga practices. Depending on the type and way of using these yoga tools can make the workout easier or more intensive. These “props” provide support and convenient position while improving the effectiveness of the poses at the same time.

Each item of yoga equipment serves a special purpose. A yoga mat is the only piece of the equipment that is used by every trainee. Also called a sticky mat, the mat is sticky and promotes enough friction to avert from rolling down.

Yoga blankets can help students in their workout, especially during corpse posture, at the end of the practice. A blanket is necessary to cover the body to keep someone warm and concentrated. It also can be propped behind the neck or head for comfort, or fold and place blanket under the buttocks if someone has difficulty in sitting flat on the floor with legs crossed like in a «lotus» position.

Yoga blocks and wedges are made from dense foam to assist body regulation and performing the most complex postures. Yoga blocks are used by many beginners because they can increase stability and help those who are less flexible to extend into a pose more fully. A yoga block is especially helpful during bending poses that demand trainee to touch the floor.

Due to using a yoga block it is not required to possess a developed flexibility for performing of yoga practices. Good tools should be durable enough to assist doing some poses more comfortable and guarantee safety of trainee as well. Yoga blocks and wedges provide height and balance of the body and keep the weight

Yoga straps are usually made of cotton or nylon and also helpful tools for beginners. Straps or belts are used for stretching and holding positions, particularly for poses with legs. When arms, legs, hands or feet are too far away to properly complete a pose, the strap can be used as an extension of the limbs, adding length and helping to pull the body into position. They have a buckle to regulate the length. They are especially useful for stretching and can keep the body properly aligned during practice.

Many yoga poses, such as meditation and the corpse pose, require people to lie flat on the back which is not comfortable for everyone. In such cases yoga bolsters which look like tube-shaped pillows can be placed under the neck and shoulders to take away some discomfort. For many people, these yoga bolsters assist to do floor poses properly.

The yoga equipment can keep the body safe while bending it into shape. So nowadays the trainees can include these accessories into practice to improve their performance and achieve the desirable effect with less affords.

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