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Knowing the Basic Yoga Principles

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If you are a beginner in yoga and meditation it will be useful for you to know the basic yoga principles. Yoga is more than just a fitness exercise. It is a combination of philosophy, physical training and an attempt to maintain mental health. While basic fitness sports use special techniques and programs yoga has its special methods and principles too.

You will need to learn to relax properly. The key to good results in yoga is relaxation. Sometimes it is hard to find a good place and an appropriate time to relax, but it is crucial for doing yoga exercises. Only in calm and relaxed state of mind you will be able to concentrate properly and use your energy in full.

One of the basic yoga principles is proper breathing. Breathing as it is the cornerstone of relaxation. Deep and rhythmical breathing requires special attention but gives good results. Regulating the inhalation and exhalation is not as easy as it looks – for some people it can take a lot of time and practice.

After relaxing and breathing properly you have to understand that yoga is hard work and exercise, so you’ll have to learn different asanas or as we say – postures. The right postures are there to grant you great results so it is considerably important to study the proper literature of videos. Also the asanas depend on the results that you personally want to achieve. Doing it correct may seriously improve your yoga exercises.

There are a lot of specific postures: ones are made for the work of your inner organs, others – for muscles, the spine or even the blood circulation. Proper poses enhance your relaxation. It is better if you have a personal yoga instructor that can correct you while you’re doing asanas or even help you in the making of the good exercise program with the combination of different postures.

Having a special diet is another of the basic yoga principles. Remember the old saying – you are what you eat, so a well balanced diet can increase the output of your exercises or on the contrary – bad and unhealthy food can spoil your results. Natural food can seriously help you, and proper eating enhances the work of the body and mind.

That’s all about it of basic yoga principles. Relaxing, breathing, doing the right postures and a healthy diet is the key to successful yoga practice. If you try enough and remember these principles you are guaranteed to have great results: a healthy body and mind. Think positive and let your positivity and happiness help others.

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