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Restorative Yoga

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Yoga is a very popular way of exercise today. The major difference between yoga and other form of exercise is that yoga offers exercise of both mind as well as body. Yoga is usually considered into two categories based on its application. Yoga can be remedial or restorative. Restorative yoga is used by individuals who are restoring their functions following a condition or disease. Precisely Restorative Yoga is used by individuals who identify that their health is at stake because of high levels of stress.

As lifestyle these days demand highly from individuals and those who can’t match the expectations get frustrated and come under stress, affecting their health badly. This will lead to low level of energies and individual might suffer from various stress syndromes affecting their mind and body. They may have conditions as chronic fatigue syndrome, backaches, headaches or else high blood pressure. High level of stress can even affect our digestive, cardiovascular and immune system and the patient might get into depression which can lead to various mental and psychological illnesses. Restorative yoga can bring back the balance between mind and body and very beneficial to relieve stress. Various poses of Restorative yoga help stretching body and gaining flexibility. Along with maintenance of the poses the meditation and breathing exercises helps to relieve stress off your mind and body.

Restorative yoga is considered to be an inner healer allowing peace and rest to mind and body relieving off all the stress affecting various systems of the body and causing bad health. This form of yoga has its roots from Hatha yoga. This is done in a very slow speed and gradually so that the individual performs different poses one after the other relaxing and controlling their breaths at the same time. Restorative yoga prepares its disciples to face the challenges of the world.

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