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Tantric Yoga Techniques

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Different Techniques for Different Folks

Just as there are numerous postures, exercises, movements, benefits and reasons in tantric yoga, there are just as many techniques as well. As they say, different strokes for different folks. The purpose for the acting tantra is determined first prior to pinpointing the tantric yoga techniques that will be used. It is said that left-hand tantra is focused on sexual practices even as aptly-hand tantra on mental practices.

There are basic elements but that apply to any technique. After all, these techniques are all aimed at attaining a excellent weigh in a person’s inside and external being or body, mind, and soul in order to bring forth a surpass, revitalized and enlightened person.

As cited earlier, tantric yoga techniques largely depend on the purpose or what the practitioner or student hopes to achieve from the tantric yoga sessions. There are different sets of techniques for people who want to achieve peace of mind, to increase mental power or concentration, to enhance sexual prowess, to strengthen muscles, to lose weight, to awaken spirituality, or for healing purposes.

In ancient times but, the real purpose of tantric yoga techniques was to attain spiritual bliss or awakening. It had nothing to do with the material world that we know now. But surprisingly tantric yoga also helps in everyday concerns as well as helping people overcome destructive vices or harmful habits such as smoking and excessive eating.

There are also techniques purely for enhancing sensuality and sexuality. These are of course done with a partner. The most basic is the sacred tantric embrace, which really allows the couple or partners to feel a different level of intimacy and connection. The technique is so simple yet powerful. It combines deep breathing and soulful staring into each other’s eyes. Then of course, the very intimate embrace, with the couple’s arms wrapped tightly around each other and their heads resting on each other’s shoulders.

Other techniques include virksasana which concentrates on mental power and focus; prasarita padottanasana, which focuses on physical strength; ustrasana, which promotes flexibility; vasisthasana, which promotes body strength; adho mukha, which promotes healing among many others.

Not all tantric yoga techniques though are suitable to just about anyone, extra care should be practiced at all times. There are techniques intended for pregnant women, children, and people with ailments or sicknesses. Tantric yoga sessions involving such people but require more support from the tantrika or tantra guru to avoid injuries and to ensure benefits. Tantric yoga has healing or curative powers for common ailments such as headaches and back pains as well as diseases such as diabetes and heart disorders.

There is a small and simple breathing technique that works in easing common backaches as well as chronic back pain. It uses deep abdominal breathing to strengthen stomach muscles of back pain sufferers, which in turn eases the pain in the lower back. This is done in small intervals of five minutes. This can be done sitting down, standing up or lying down as long as the position is comfortable.

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