Meditation Teacher Training in India

Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Do you ponder about meditation or its effects? Have you tried meditating multiple times in your room but you never succeed in it? Has it happened that every time you set your mood to meditate, you are distracted by one thing or by another?

Well, we get your sentiments. Meditation seems very easy when someone else is doing it. Though it can be quite challenging when you try to do it on your own, a little help and training will take you way ahead in your practice.

We at Ayuryogpeeth welcome you where you can join us for our Meditation Teacher Training Course. In order to impart the serene experience with the world, we offer 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Meditation Class in India
200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training in India
Meditation TTC in India

What is Meditation?

Meditation is as ancient as yoga, or probably older than that. Historically, meditation is known to bring awareness and attention to the practitioner. The meditation practitioners who have practiced meditation for years without any distractions and disturbances are said to control their mind. It could be used to bring peace and harmony among body, soul, and mind.
However, in the modern world, the essence of meditation might not be the same but the goals are quite similar. It has been quite helpful in various problems of the modern world. Like-

  • attaining focus and concentration
  • getting rid of extensive procrastination and rumination difficulties
  • helps in anxiety and depression
  • aids the mind to calm and clear thoughts
Mindfulness Teacher Training in India

The Meditation Teacher Training India is provided to the spiritually oriented yoga students who are keen to uncover their inner-self and master their own mind. The Meditation Teacher Training Course (MTTC) provides an opportunity to discover the hidden power of meditation practiced by ancient sages & yogis.

  • With our Meditation TTC, you can deepen your meditation practice, as well as our teaching methodology; will help you to impart this practice at the personal or professional level.
  • The course helps students to gain the required skills and confidence. It helps them to share their new knowledge with people from all different paths and backgrounds.

What is covered in the course?

In your Meditation TTC, you will study about asanas, anatomy, yoga philosophy, meditation, and multi-style yoga. Our curriculum is set as per the standard of Yoga Alliance, USA.


  • A student’s age should be between 18 and 60 years
  • He\she should be healthy and fit in order to practice meditation and follow ashram’s schedule
  • Meditation can be done alone or with yoga.
  • You do not need to be a yoga practitioner to learn or practice meditation.


We have meditation gurus and teachers who have practiced and taught meditation for decades. Our Meditation classes are quite interactive as we do not persuade the communication gap between teachers and students. Furthermore, the instructors and Gurus in our ashram do not just teach yoga, they live a yoga lifestyle.


We organize classes in small batches so that students can focus as well interact with others including teachers and fellow learners. Besides, classes in small batches let the teachers give proper attention to each and every student. it helps them to answer the doubts and problems of each learner.

In Addition to the Meditation TTC

  • We provide every amenity required for meditation learners within the ashram so that learners do not have to worry about anything and feel distracted.
  • We provide food and lodging in our ashram.
  • We cook fresh food grown in our garden or bought from the local market.
  • Everything is derived naturally; nothing stored, preserved or frozen is cooked or served.
  • Everything is taken care of by our staff.
  • We take learners to expeditions over the weekend where they can explore nature and wildlife.
  • At last, all we can say is Chandra Yoga International is an ideal place in every way to learn and practice meditation through our 200 Hour Meditation Teacher Training Course.

To understand us and our Meditaiton Teacher Training in India better, you can go through our website and reviews. We are sure you will find our teacher training programs quite engaging and definitive.

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