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Benefits of Child Pose

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If you know someone who practices yoga regularly and ask them what their favorite pose or posture is, there is a good chance that they will cite the child’s pose. Seen in the picture below, this position is simple and relaxing, stretching your physical body while clearing and relieving the mind body. Here are a few facts about the benefits of this particular pose:

Physical Benefits

The child’s pose stretches the back, sides, legs and arms very gently, allowing your body to feel fully relaxed while it is working. Take care to place something beneath your knees if you are on a hard surface, and it sometimes helps to manually pull the flesh away from the sitting bones so that your bottom rests more comfortably on your legs.

Mental Benefits

You would be hard-pressed to find a yoga posture as mentally relaxing as the child’s pose. Even while your body is gently stretching, your head is down and your eyes are closed. This allows for light meditation or simple relaxation of the mind, bringing with it increased clarity and potential for insight.

Spiritual Benefits

Whether you subscribe to a monotheistic religion, a doctrinal guide such as Buddhism or simply acknowledge your spirituality on a more personal level, the intense relaxation and quiet time can do wonders for the mind body, and thus the spirit. Use the time spent in child’s pose to reflect on your true nature and to nourish the spirit, waking it up and enlivening it with your attentions.

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