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Benefits of Yoga Exercise

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Yoga is one of the most ancient philosophical theories and it joins the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga discipline includes meditation, breathing technique combined with stretching exercises which help to develop suppleness and flexibility of muscles and joints. The breath is the crucial aspect of yoga exercises. According to yoga breath is a source of life force called “prana” that enters the body while inhaling. Breathing exercises stimulate the body to metabolize prana. Breathing and meditation work to reduce stress, regulate the emotional condition and achieve relaxation.

There are so many yoga poses that everybody depending on his experience and physical condition can select complex of exercises that will provide him to develop flexibility and strength. Each pose is performed depending on its level of difficulty and user’s endurance. Basic yoga exercises aim to improve pose and teach a person to focus on breathing technique. The trainer directs participants when to inhale and exhale at certain positions. It is also very important to concentrate in each position to improve awareness.

Before starting yoga workout, it is necessary to practice some warm up exercises to loosen the muscles. A typical yoga workout includes various twisting, bending, and stretching poses developed to work all parts of body. Seated poses are used for performing breathing exercises and meditation. These poses train the body to sit for long time in meditation and stimulate the endocrine system which affects our emotions and the physical health.

Yoga obtains best results practicing as a daily discipline. Although the yoga exercises promote to develop a person’s flexibility, strength, and as well feeling of well-being after short time of practicing, however it takes years to achieve perfection in performance.

Yoga is getting one of the most popular exercises for overall health around the world as people got aware that they are able to practice it. Yoga exercises are beneficial for everybody in their own particular way. Even beginners can get benefits from various yoga exercises which are useful for muscles of back, legs, spine, and shoulders and develop flexibility of muscles and joints. The proficient trainees are able to concentrate on their breathing and lead prana to the various parts of the body.

Growing interest in alternative medicine has enhanced the popularity of yoga in the west countries and inspired research of yoga medical benefits. It has been proved the benefits of yoga for patients with cardiovascular problems, asthma, hypertension and other disorders. The basic yoga exercises assist people to lower their blood pressure as yoga regulates flow of blood in the body. Nowadays many hospitals practice alternative medicine yoga schools.

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