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Meditation for Beginners or Where to Start

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If you want to try meditation for yourself and you’re afraid to ask somebody I have a solution for you. Read my “meditation for beginners” tips and decide how you will organize your meditation practice. While some of them might not be so important, others are crucial for your whole practice.

At first you need to find a correct place for your meditation. It’s very important to find a quiet room where you will not be disturbed. Also it is the matter of time – you’ll need to find a proper moment, when you don’t have to work, wash laundry, make breakfast for your children and etc. It can be a meditation-only place, if you have enough space in your apartment. It’s up to you to decide where and when will you meditate, but make sure that nothing will spoil your peace and quiet atmosphere.

The other important issue is to breathe properly. Good breathing especially affects you and makes you feel calm and peaceful. Take a deep breath, slowly inhale and exhale. Breathing helps slowing down the heart, takes the unnecessary pressure away, relaxes all your muscles and allows deeper concentration. Meditation for beginners will go easily if you breathe the right way and relax.

Other important tip is to try to focus. If you breathe correctly, relaxing your body and mind, you will notice that things around you, your own body, feelings and thoughts will appear to be more realistic and important. Thus you will gain ability to focus on those things. Use this ability to focus in your meditation – be aware of all the things that happen in your mind and in your own body. If you will notice slight changes and things that you usually don’t feel, then you are on the right way.

Meditation for beginners requires a lot of practice thus – a lot of patience. Be patient. Hurrying will do you no good. Changes don’t come overnight. Good results will come only then when you spend hours and hours practicing.

It may be useful for your meditation practice to listen to some relaxing music. Also searching for additional information may be useful, so read books and study the instructional CD’s and tapes to be sure you are doing the right thing.

Using these tips can help you make your meditation process go smoother and overall – more effective. Meditation for beginners requires hard work but at the end will give you good results. Your happiness and health is what really counts in meditation and yoga. Good luck and be healthy!

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