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What is Corporate Yoga?

Things aren’t as beautiful as they look at times when we look in respect for corporates.Its always been seen that employees in private sector, earning handsome money and living life lavishly, though keeping there body and mind all the time at stress. Both employer and employee tend to forget what they are loosing. Today the entire scenario is changed people work day and night to earn more and can spend on themselves which wasn’t seen earlier as amount of money and exposure has increased over the period of time. Keeping this in mind many of the big companies have introduced the culture of corporate Yoga. The name itself suggests, Yoga being taught in corporate. Corporate Yoga itself has been beneficial in many ways firstly it gives a great amount of relaxation to your body, mind and keeping you all the time energetic and fit for your work. Working for continuously more hours leads to back pain, migraine, fatigue, health problems and much more but corporateYoga has been taking care of all these pains.

Many of the corporate have tie ups with Yoga instructors which come to their place and can take Yoga sessions. They do conduct sessions for the employees so that they can make them learn the basics to Yoga and how to remain fit in a stressful environment. Corporate Yoga has also been helpful in improving employee behaviour in office as well in his home. Exercises in Yoga like deep breathing have gained a lot of attention in the recent time. In all, corporate Yoga keeps you mentally alert for your work, personal development and eases your tensions all the time and keeping the corporate happy too as its always been said if health is good it leads to more productivity that means more profits to the company.

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