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Some very effortless starting exercises which a person has to perform before going in for harder yoga postures are termed under Gentle yoga. A person cannot perform any yoga posture just from the start. He must have the flexibility and the strength to do it. Gentle yoga prepares one for it. The accessories are the same as required for doing any form of yoga viz. yoga mat, proper clothing and a well ventilated area.

Gentle yoga helps you achieve the elasticity required to do different harder postures. Also it gives a feel of what actually yoga encompasses. As a child goes to a playgroup before going to actual school, same way Gentle yoga has to be done before actually practising different forms of yoga. Even though you maintain a normal and active lifestyle it’s still recommended to undergo Gentle yoga to prevent yourself from any sort of injury or damage. Gentle yoga helps you maintain a strong and better immunity as well. Through different breathing exercises it helps detoxify your body by breathing in more of oxygen and giving out carbon dioxide. Also it helps to maintain elasticity and can be done easily by elderly who are afraid to perform harder postures and exercises. Gentle yoga helps the geriatric age group to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent them from different conditions of heart, lungs. Some of the most commonly followed gentle yoga postures are the Spinal twist, Bow pose, Cobra pose, Cat stretch and the forward bend.

These along with many other poses can be easily modified and practised according to one’s own flexibility and strength without fearing about the potential outcomes of overdoing a pose in yoga. Gentle yoga can be practised by all age groups to maintain and live a healthier life.

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