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Yoga Benefits for Children and Teenagers

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Children and teenagers most of all need energetic activity and movement. This is due both to children’s psychology (they quickly get bored of monotony, so the child often gets distracted) and necessity. So the distinctive feature of yoga for children and teenagers is its dynamism.

Dynamic movements help to activate confining joints and muscles, train the body, and make it pliable and more flexible. Children can easily repeat a new movement; besides that, their speed has a positive effect on the brain: it removes apathy and contributes to overcoming various complexes and fears.

Practicing yoga trains courage in children and helps them to gain grace, balance, agility, flexibility, keen perception; it also helps develop the capacity for mental and physical self-control.

If a teacher changes the training curricula, it helps to bring diversity and change to the practice, which children love so much, and at the same time maximizes the benefit. The instructor should be well versed in all the peculiarities of children’s perception and feel the sense of mood and needs of a growing child.

Asanas fit children very well. They appeal to the imagination and are characterized by profound originality. Asanas are easy to demonstrate, imitate, and adapt. Asanas are dynamic, intense, and not always easy to do, so they help the child develop willpower and sensitivity as well as give him the opportunity to learn a lot about himself through doing a variety of movements.

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