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Benefits of Meditation for Health

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Nowadays some diseases, such as cancer, syndrome of immune deficiency or psychological conditions are caused by the stress of daily life. From a holistic point of view, such diseases grow from both physical and mental causes. Even although modern medicine is based on the progress of medical science, holistic method of treating diseases focuses on understanding how nature works in people’s lives. A holistic approach also means changing and correcting people’s lifestyle by learning how to meditate, and how to reduce stress in everyday life.

Many doctors consider the sense of imbalance in both body and mind as an impulse of disease. It has been studied the correlation between mind and body in curing diseases. Some research is carried out to look for alternative methods of treatment such conditions. Thus, meditation practices can develop both the body and the mind; bring improvements to the health condition.

Meditation is a set of holistic techniques originated in ancient Eastern spiritual traditions. These practices have been applied by many cultures throughout the world for thousands years. Today, people practice meditation outside of its religious or cultural traditions, for health and well-being. On a spiritual level, one can learn various practices which can be used to bring calm to the mind and improve the body’s health.

Generally, a meditation technique uses some specific poses, focused attention, and breathing practices to induce some changes in the body and this way, to achieve a state of relaxation and psychological balance. It has been also found that such emotion as depression; hopelessness, loneliness and psychological conditions can be relieved with assistance of meditation.

In particular, by learning more about what goes on in the body during meditation, researchers try to identify diseases or conditions for which meditation might be useful. Meditation teaches how emotional, mental, and spiritual conditions can directly affect people’s health. The body has a natural ability to cure and treat itself. Successful treatment can assist the body to look after itself, but the crucial factor is that the patient must wish to participate.

Meditation works by affecting the nervous system which regulates work of body functions. It has two main parts. The sympathetic nervous system promotes to mobilize the body reaction on stress: such as increasing of the heart and breathing rate and narrowing of blood vessels. Whereas the parasympathetic nervous system assists to slow down the heart and breathing rate, expand the blood vessels and increase the flow of digestive juices. It is believed that meditation can help to reduce activity in the sympathetic nervous system and develop the parasympathetic nervous system activity.

When a person learns to meditate and achieve positive way of thinking his body will become stronger and healthier. And opposite, negative way of thinking harms people. If one cannot change one’s mind then he cannot change his body. Therefore, being calm and cheerful at all times is necessary condition to protect person from disease.

The benefits of meditation promote people keeping health and develop their personality and ability to understand themselves and others.

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