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Kundalini Yoga

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What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini is considered to be a source of limitless capabilities and energy existing within all human beings. It is the life force which is concentrated and lying inactive in the chakras present inside the body. We don’t know about it or how to use it. Kundalini literally means a snake which is coiled. Kundalini Yoga is a form of Yoga which has evolved from a set of techniques aimed to make a person’s kundalini to awaken. That’s why this form of Yoga is very often named as the Yoga of awareness.

Kundalini Yoga uses some kriyas i.e. some set of exercises according to Yoga and some techniques of meditation which when practised in a proper way regularly helps to awaken one’s kundalini. By awakening of kundalini it means that one get to know more about the spiritual side of life.

Under the supervision of a good teacher this yogic form uses a method called shatipat, practise of which will lead to one’s enlightenment. Other methods which can be followed to enlighten are through devotion and prayer, using mantra, pranayam, practise of different poses or asanas. If we say kundalini is awakened it means making one aware about the inner knowledge. Apart from enlightenment kundalini Yoga has been found very beneficial for maintainence of general well being, i.e. both mental and physical well being. Its good effects have been documented in many diseases. As it involves meditation it has been found beneficial for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, in which patient has impaired memory.It also helps to control one’s bad habits, relieve stress and improve behaviour. To practice this form of Yoga it takes a lot of effort and attention. Nowadays Kundalini Yoga is being used in many clinical settings to treat and help patients because of its proven physiological and psychological effects.

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